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    Heart of Stone: A Novel

    Heart of Stone Valentine’s day which falls on the 14th of February only days away. For me actually no day without love, because we live without love it is unlikely if not impossible. Some of us express feelings of affection by giving gifts to people we love. Maybe we give the gift of a rose, chocolate, rings, holiday tickets, new gadgets, or perhaps a romantic novel. By the way.., speaking of romantic novels, who is not familiar with Jill Marie Landis? you who like romantic novels must have been reading one of his novels such as “lover’s Lane”, “Come Spring”, “Summer Moon”, “...
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    Is This Scam?

    A few days ago I received a short message on my handphone. After I read the contents of the sms I doubt it. sms contents are: “Your Mobile No has been Awarded the Sum of 550,000 Pounds, in the Ongoing INTL Promo in London, to claim your prize send us email on claimalpha@live.**.uk” Sender: +6281^1^95 Are you sure this is not a scam? You believe it? If this is true and happens to you what will you do while accept this mesagge?
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    My First Posting

    This is my first post in blogdetik. Seeing the advantages blogdetik interested me to have a blog on blogdetik. Did you know? This is my first post that the English language. Yup is where I learned to write in English, therefore I’m happy when someone commented on my writing. The theme of my blog in blogdetik is common, I do not limit on a specific theme. It’s to practice my English skills in various fields. So … happy reading, and do not forget to give comment.


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