Heart of Stone: A Novel

8 Feb 2011

Heart of Stone

Heart of Stone

Valentine’s day which falls on the 14th of February only days away. For me actually no day without love, because we live without love it is unlikely if not impossible.

Some of us express feelings of affection by giving gifts to people we love. Maybe we give the gift of a rose, chocolate, rings, holiday tickets, new gadgets, or perhaps a romantic novel.

By the way.., speaking of romantic novels, who is not familiar with Jill Marie Landis? you who like romantic novels must have been reading one of his novels such as “lover’s Lane”, “Come Spring”, “Summer Moon”, “Heart of Stone”, etc.

Have you found someone that hardened like a stone? Heart of Stone. I mean is someone who tries hard not to fall in love. Or maybe you are now avoiding to fall in love with someone?

Whatever the reason of avoiding to fall in love, you ought to read the novel “Heart of Stone”. It is not intended to satirize you, but … love is wonderful… then reach for your love, your dreams and your life goals.

You who have read the novel “Heart of Stone”, please share …. Which part you like, is there any part of the same with your life? or …..

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